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Plumbing Services

From a leaking faucet to a whole house plumbing system we do it all. Our qualified technicians will evaluate your plumbing issue and provide you with multiple options to fit your budget and plumbing needs. 


Whether it's a standard vent, power vent, electric, on-demand or tank-less water heater we can service, install and maintain your equipment. 

We know what it's like to have to take a cold shower so we try to get to our customers within 24 hours to provide you with warm water again.


Did you know the first toilet was invented in 1596? Since then the toilet has involved over time (thankfully). Most of the time we can fix the toilet you have even if it is just a seal. 

At NES we also perform entire bathroom remodels from the tub, shower, toilet, sink and ventilation system. 


A dripping kitchen faucet can cost you an extra $100 annually! Talk about money down the drain! 

We service all kitchen plumbing systems from the faucet to the garage disposal. Most Kitchen services can be performed in last than a day, getting you back to enjoying a family meal by dinner time.


Having an in-home laundry room is a nice luxury that not everyone can experience. But, when the plumbing stops working it can be a nightmare. 


At NES we do just about everything other than fold your clothes. If you are switching from an electric dryer to gas you may need more modifications than you think. Let us wash your worries away.


A Sump Pump is something we don't really think about until we have 2' of water in our basement. When it rains or snow melts our pumps can work overtime trying to keep water out of the basement. 

We also service sewer pumps and lift pumps. Water and sewers are better off in the pipes and not on your basement floor. Don't let a routine maintenance turn into an emergency service.


Did you know Draino is extremely harmful on drains and can sometimes cause the pipes to crack and separate

We have a snake for almost every drain inside and outside your home. Not only can we snake your drain we can also run a camera down as well to ensure there are not separations in the pipe. 


All homes are not created equally. Every home has a different level of water quality. We offer free water tests which will tell us exactly what kind of Softener your home needs to provide you the cleanest drinking water.


In Michigan we can experience extreme weather causing pipes to freeze and stop working. We have a variety of different methods of restoring your water and to help prevent future lines from freezing.


If you have any other plumbing issue give us a call and our experienced plumbers will make sure your issues are addressed.

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