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Furnace Maintenance

Having an annual furnace maintenance performed before the heating season is the key to having a long lasting, efficient system. There is also peace-of-mind knowing that when we experience the brutal Michigan weather that your heating system will keep up. 

  • Regular Maintenance Saves Money!

Michigan has some pretty harsh winters and your furnace will be running constantly. Keep your system in prime condition all year round, by having NES perform a seasonal maintenance. Partner with us on a Preventative Maintenance Plan and we will keep your system running at maximum efficiency.

  • Small Furnace Issues Can Turn Into Big Furnace Issues

Preventing larger more costly repairs is why it’s so important to keep up with maintenance. We ensure your full understanding of your home heating system. This way you’ll know if something is not working properly. We offer you advice and many options to help you make the best choice. We also offer prices for each repair, replacement, or upgrade before starting anything.

  • Fall into Winter Tune-Up

This special tune up is not only for the fall, but we do recommend that it be completed around that time to prepare for the winter. 

  • DYI Maintenance

Our technicians will not only explain the maintenance process and the multiple test's that we perform but we will also give you some tips that you can do to help your system last. We are always ready and willing to help you save money. ​

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