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A few things to check before you call

  • Can a programmable thermostat really save me money?  YES! They are easy to program.  Dialing down (even just a few degrees at night or while you are away) can save money on utility bills.  We have wireless thermostats in stock as well.

  • How much will this plumbing job cost? We can give you an accurate estimate after we’ve had a look at the problem. Quoting prices over the phone just isn’t fair to our customers. The fact is that most companies who quote their mechnical service prices over the phone end up “finding” more work which needs to be done once they get there. We prefer to shoot straight with you right from the beginning, which means having a qualified team member  diagnose your problem so we can tell you what it will really cost.

  • Do you offer financing?   YES!    We want to help you get that dream bathroom makeover, or update your air conditioning system.  NES will find a plan that fits your budget so you can start your project today.  Talk with an NES  representative about the financing options available to you.  Or,  apply right now CLICK HERE.

  • Should I call a plumber for minor problems? It’s up to you. If you have the tools and expertise to get the job done, there’s nothing wrong with doing it yourself. If you don’t really know how to do it, though, you could end up creating a much bigger problem than you started with. In the end, most people find it’s better to have a seasoned plumber from NES  handle even the small plumbing jobs. Not only do we do the job right the first time, but we do it for a fair price.

  • What is backflow testing and do I need to have it done? Most homes already have some form of backflow preventer installed. The exceptions to this are older homes which have not had their plumbing updated in a long time. Backflow preventers are designed to stop contaminated water from entering your plumbing from outside sources. You should ideally have backflow testing conducted annually. This is required for most commercial buildings in Michigan and is a good idea for residential homes as well.

  • I’m having problems with slow drainage in my sinks and tubs, who should I call? Calling a company with the experience and equipment to figure out the problem in drains and sewers is critical.  At NES we have the expertise and the means to diagnose, service and repair drainage and sewer issues for both residential and commercial locations.  No job is to big or to small.

  • Is there anything I can do to boost the efficiency of my furnace?  One of the single most important actions a homeowner can perform is filter replacement.  A dirty filter reduces air flow and your system can not perform correctly.  We get several “no heat” calls from homeowners only to find the filter is clogged with debris causing the furnace to shut down.  Replace filters at least every 3-4 months during heating season. A nice reminder is Labor Day and New Years Day!

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