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About Our Owner

Nathan Drenikowski

My name is Nathan Drenikowski and I’m the proud owner and founder of NES Plumbing. Working in the skilled trades as a teenager, I discovered quickly that construction was the field in which I would aspire. The manual labor was difficult  yet very rewarding.
After high school I immediately started a plumbing apprenticeship as well as taking HVAC classes at community college. Since then, I have managed to gain several key licenses in this field giving me expert status. Gaining experience working for others, I’ve been exposed to all different types of work from residential service to large industrial projects.
However, through my experiences working for other HVAC contractors, I have discovered a great lack in customer service, respect and proper business etiquette in the industry. Hearing horror stories and listening to other contractors discuss the way they do business made me realize the great need for good service in this field.
Quality skilled tradesmen have a great responsibility in helping people to live healthy clean lives and I take that responsibility to heart.  My goal is to keep customers worry free of contaminated drinking water, unsafe heating systems, and hazardous electrical conditions.
At NES we are proud that we can provide the best craftsmanship and quality in the industry. We provide the best products with the most reasonable prices.  There is great pride taken in the fact that when we do work for a customer we leave their home, or building, in a safer, cleaner and healthier condition.
If NES can’t provide a solution for your plumbing, heating and cooling needs, no one can.  YOUR comfort is OUR business!  And I’ve made it MY business.
Master Plumber License
Plumbing Contractor License 
Mechanical Contractor License 
Backflow Certified 
EPA Certified

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